One Year On: Lessons Learnt in a Year of Travel

I set off to travel the world exactly one year ago today. (Happy 23rd birthday! Now go take an international flight and sit on an aeroplane forever). Phea and I flew for 19 hours, stopping over in Hong Kong just long enough to screw up our [...]

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Finding Work in Australia: The Only Resource You Need

I've written a lot on the topic of working holidays in Australia. I've spoken about the preparations for coming to Oz. I've elaborated on the process of getting your second year visa. I've answered all the confusion surrounding starting work. I even went into detail about [...]

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Farm work has been one of my best Oz experiences. Here’s why.

In order to get a second year working holiday in Australia, you have to complete 88 days of regional work. This usually means farm work in some capacity: from fruit picking, to vine pruning, to tree planting. There is a clear mentality among backpackers that this [...]

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The Backpacker’s Guide to Buying a Car (in every Australian state)

Before I came to Oz, I had never owned a car. In the UK, it seemed an expensive and pointless purchase. Who needs the hassle of shelling out for insurance, and spending loads on petrol? But in Australia, buying a car is a necessity a lot [...]

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What the Eff is Super? And Other Questions About Working in Australia

Australian superannuation is not the easiest thing for a newbie backpacker to comprehend. So you’ve made it to Australia. You’ve found yourself a job. You’re beyond ecstatic at the thought of that sweet sweet minimum wage (HELLO $21 an hour). But wait. How the hell am [...]

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