Tax Returns in Australia: The Backpacker’s Guide

The end of the Australian tax year is here, and backpackers everywhere are panicking. Facebook groups are exploding with questions: how do I claim my tax back? How much will I get? Do I have to do a tax return if X, Y or Z? Well, [...]

A Complete Guide to the Australian Second Year Visa

I’ve just begun the epic struggle for my second working holiday visa in Australia. The days are long, the work is monotonous, and the pay ain’t all that great. But it’s worth it, if I want to stay in this beautiful country another year. (I do.) [...]

The Kangaroo Who Trashed the Car

It was a Wednesday. Our road trip had taken us all the way across the never-ending Nullarbor Plain and out the other side. Hour after hour, all that could be seen was dry desert and scrub, red earth and cerulean sky. Full days of driving, endless [...]

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Two Fools and the Flinders Ranges

I’m writing from next to a campfire today. We’ve gone proper girl scout for the days we’ve spent north of Adelaide: campsites with no shower, a long drop toilet, and fire pits. As it turns out, there isn’t much demand for camp spots off the backpacker [...]

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Why I Will (Probably) Never Be a “Successful” Travel Blogger

I’ve been travelling and writing about it for a pretty long time now. In 2013 I shouldered my backpack for my first solo trip, to South America, and decided to start a blog. Its main purpose was to reassure my mum that I was still alive [...]

Saving Money in Melbourne: A Practical Guide

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Australia is daaaaaaayum expensive. Melbourne, unfortunately, is no exception. Particularly if you're just travelling - or rather, you're not earning money while you're here. (If you get a job, the sky-high prices of everything suddenly become more [...]

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