Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Choosing Transport in Australia

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about Australia since I arrived, it’s that it is bloody enormous. I knew it was big, of course. Bigger than the UK, sure. Bigger than several UK’s, I imagined. As it turns out, this doesn’t even cover it. Australia is [...]

How to Take an Epic Road Trip in Australia

No great backpacking adventure would be complete without a good road trip. And when you're travelling Australia, road trips are practically a rite of passage. It can seem daunting to the inexperienced. Australia is a big place (huge, actually); there's a lot of distance to cover. [...]

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The Beauty of Travelling in Winter

Australia is a country that people cannot help but picture in the sun. Beaches, surf, sand, sunbathing. When I first arrived here, straight into the tropical north in springtime, I couldn’t imagine ever being cold again. Actually, on some days, I couldn’t imagine anything better than [...]

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Tax Returns in Australia: The Backpacker’s Guide

The end of the Australian tax year is here, and backpackers everywhere are panicking. Facebook groups are exploding with questions: how do I claim my tax back? How much will I get? Do I have to do a tax return if X, Y or Z? Well, [...]

A Complete Guide to the Australian Second Year Visa

I’ve been through the epic struggle for my second working holiday visa in Australia. so I know how you feel. The days were long, the work was monotonous, and the pay wasn't all that great. But it was worth it, to get the chance to stay [...]

Two Fools and the Flinders Ranges

I’m writing from next to a campfire today. We’ve gone proper girl scout for the days we’ve spent north of Adelaide: campsites with no shower, a long drop toilet, and fire pits. As it turns out, there isn’t much demand for camp spots off the backpacker [...]

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