Au revoir

I'm back. It's a strange feeling. This time it's not back for a fleeting instant before I'm caught up in the tide of the next trip or venture or idea. I'm back for good, praising the availability of squash and English muffins and proper cheddar cheese [...]

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The Hardest of Weeks

It's been a tough week. Non stop work, doing strenuous and challenging activities such as playing duck duck goose, organising a treasure hunt, making pirate hats, updating the weather board, designing posters, 'organising' and playing a game of football (for 2 solid hours), eating hot dogs, [...]

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Loose Ends

Liam brought to my attention the fact that in my previous post I actually didn't mention anything about the actual reason I wrote the post: to reveal which campsites everybody got placed in. So here we go.Abs and Gee are on Sol, the site which Abi [...]

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It's now week three of summer in France, and the exciting news of the moment is that we've moved away from scrubbing the outsides of mobile homes and have commenced the epic battle with the mould in all its many forms on the insides of them. [...]

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So I've been here for a few days now, and managed to get back into a routine of actually getting up in the morning and going to work, so it's probably time to explain what I'm actually doing for this first month or so in France. [...]

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