A Complete Guide to the Australian Second Year Visa

I’ve been through the epic struggle for my second working holiday visa in Australia. so I know how you feel. The days were long, the work was monotonous, and the pay wasn't all that great. But it was worth it, to get the chance to stay [...]

Don’t Panic: A Guide to Fighting Travel Anxiety

Have a read of my advice on how to overcome the fear that is an inevitable part of first-time travel. Get your gap year or backpacking trip off to a good start using these tips!

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Gap Year Guides: The Rookie’s Guide to Travel Insurance

It’s a boring topic, travel insurance. Getting your travel insurance sorted is probably my least favourite thing to do before planning a long trip. But finding the right policy is both tricky and incredibly important. Sadly. So read on for some helpful tips – essential if you’re [...]

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Gap Year Guides: How Not to Be a Gap Year Bore

  Gap years are great. They can be inspiring, informative, educational, incredibly exciting; they can give you incredible experiences and friends for life. But don’t let your gap year story turn into a ‘gap yah’ lecture; don’t change it from something amazing and interesting into a [...]

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Gap Year Guides: How to Fundraise Effectively

Following on from my post on sustainable volunteering, I've come up with some tips on how to supercharge your fundraising efforts - because once you've decided on an organisation to volunteer with, you're probably going to have to fundraise some money to pay for the trip, or for a [...]

Gap Year Guides: How to Volunteer Sustainably

It can be very difficult to wade through all the different volunteering opportunities out there - so here is my handy guide to help you along the way, and make sure your volunteering is valuable.

Gap Year Guides: How to Pick a Hostel

Hostels are perhaps the best thing about backpacking. They can be fun, safe, sociable places, which can take your trip from being just ‘good’ to being absolutely brilliant. But getting it wrong can be a disaster. Not just scalding-hot-then-icy-cold showers, bedbugs and other infestations, and broken [...]