“Does this jeep have wifi?”

So after we’d had our insanely good dinner at Meg’s house and been dropped off at the hostel, we allowed ourselves a couple of hours faffing time before going out again. We met Replacement Oscar again, who’d had to cut short his Old Delhi tour to [...]

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“A nice game of scrabble and then off to bed”

We are really good at doing chilled out days. After the draining few days we’d had, surviving on minimal sleep and barely stopping in between sights, we decided to allow ourselves a lie-in (what luxury!) to let ourselves recover. Though I made sure to get up [...]

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“I am the bumbag messiah”

The Taj Mahal is better the second time round. Admittedly, the train ride there was pretty horrendous – sleeper class was much less comfortable than I remembered it, and 4am is not a time of day that is kind to anyone – but when we got [...]

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Heathrow is my second home

Do you remember that one time when I spent 12 hours in Heathrow airport while trying to get to Beijing? Well since then I just can’t keep away from London Heathrow. I’m now on my way to India, where myself and 4 friends from university are [...]

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