How to see sunrise at Mount Bromo for free

Sunrise at Mount Bromo is undoubtedly one of the most popular things to see in East Java, Indonesia. Volcano hiking is the most inexplicable highlight of any Indonesia trip, and Mt. Bromo in particular is a relatively easy, accessible hike. Plus, when you go to Bromo, [...]

Seven Reasons You Should Travel in Monsoon Season

Hear me out: I'm in favour of travelling during monsoon season. Many a hapless traveller has found themselves inadvertently caught amid a sudden downpour at some point along their journey. Soaked through, grumpy, probably muttering something along the lines of ‘if I wanted rain, I would [...]

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6 Quick Tips for Travelling Indonesia on a Budget

Travelling on a budget in Indonesia is a habit you slip into by accident. It’s an inevitable result of Indonesia being a very cheap country in general. There are plenty of bespoke five-star resorts, of course, but you really have to seek them out. By and [...]

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Two Weeks in Sumatra: Highlights (in Pictures)

Sumatra is the third largest island in the Indonesian archipelago, and a far cry from the main tourist hotspot of Bali. A bit too far flung to be on most people's to-do list, it conjures images of dense jungle and endangered wildlife - and it [...]

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A guide to haggling like a pro (without being a dick)

Ah, the wonderful world of haggling.  For me, it’s been a while. I’m currently backpacking my way around Indonesia, and as such have been launched back into a world where nothing is fixed price. However, since I first dabbled in the art, back when I was [...]

The blue flames of Kawah Ijen Volcano: a DIY travel guide

Mount Ijen is just one of almost 150 volcanoes that span the archipelago of Indonesia. Volcano hiking is among the most popular activities for tourists who visit the islands (including me) – and Kawah Ijen is no exception. FYI – Kawah means crater, Gunung means mountain! [...]

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A guide to hiring scooters in Indonesia (without dying or being ripped off)

First of all, let me just say this: hiring a scooter in Indonesia is probably a bad idea. But before you get all shouty, let me also say that of course I have done it myself, many times. And I haven't crashed or fallen off or [...]

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Going overground: Braving the bus from Indonesia to East Timor

At first I thought the tweeting existed just in my head. A symptom, perhaps, of spending too long on the go: a taxi, a plane ride with a brief stop, a ride from the airport on the back of a motorbike, and now several hours in [...]

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Searching for Komodos: Lombok to Flores by boat

It was carnage. They attacked the food with no reserve, beating off the competition with their elbows, asserting their dominance with hardened expressions and decisive, practiced movements. It wasn’t Komodo dragons that I was observing. It was my fellow boat-mates, two days into the trip. [...]

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Climbing Mount Rinjani: All you need to know

In case you have missed my harping on about it over on Instagram, I recently undertook the three day, two night Mount Rinjani trek with a bunch of newfound pals. Mount Rinjani is not an easy undertaking. You need to be fairly fit, and more importantly [...]

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