The Rose-Tinted Myth of Travel: Why Travel Ain’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be

I think it’s pretty clear to all who know me that I quite like travelling. While I have always done my best to refrain from chipping into any and all conversations with, ‘That reminds me of the time I was in Peru/Budapest/China,' I somehow still managed to [...]

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Don’t Panic: A Guide to Fighting Travel Anxiety

Have a read of my advice on how to overcome the fear that is an inevitable part of first-time travel. Get your gap year or backpacking trip off to a good start using these tips!

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How to Travel on the Cheap While at University

Find out some tip and tricks on how you can capitalise on the cheap travel opportunities you are offered as a university student, and turn them into awesome experiences!

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My 2016 Travel Resolutions

Image credit: Peony Gent It’s nearly the New Year already! How has this happened? Feels like five minutes since I was gallivanting in South Africa. Anyway, I’ll be spending New Year in Edinburgh once more (I just can’t get enough of it), but before I make the interminable [...]

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Gap Year Guides: How to Fundraise Effectively

Following on from my post on sustainable volunteering, I've come up with some tips on how to supercharge your fundraising efforts - because once you've decided on an organisation to volunteer with, you're probably going to have to fundraise some money to pay for the trip, or for a [...]

Gap Year Guides: How to Volunteer Sustainably

It can be very difficult to wade through all the different volunteering opportunities out there - so here is my handy guide to help you along the way, and make sure your volunteering is valuable.