Grads Gone Global: Civil Engineer around the World

This forms part of my brand new series, Grads Gone Global. Through interviews I aim to explore how travel can be useful to career, education and perspective, beyond boozing round the backpacker trail in Thailand. From these articles I hope to provoke discussion, provide practical [...]

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Seven Reasons You Should Travel in Monsoon Season

Hear me out: I'm in favour of travelling during monsoon season. Many a hapless traveller has found themselves inadvertently caught amid a sudden downpour at some point along their journey. Soaked through, grumpy, probably muttering something along the lines of ‘if I wanted rain, I would [...]

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A Budget Guide to Mulu National Park

I almost didn’t go to Mulu National Park. I was staying in Miri – the gateway to Mulu NP – but I just didn’t know if I wanted the hassle of getting there, or the expense. And (I will just whisper this quietly), after two weeks [...]

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