Panama’s Volcan Baru Hike: Everything You Need to Know

Hiking up Volcan Baru is a decision that you will probably come to regret somewhere between 2 and 4 hours of setting off on the climb. When I first decided to take on the challenge of hiking up to the highest elevation in Panama with a [...]

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One day to explore: Panama City Old Town, Casco Viejo

Panama City’s old town actually has four names. Casco Viejo and Casco Antiguo both translate literally as ‘old quarter’, but then there’s the other two names on top of that. San Felipe is its official name, and Catedral is a local nickname - funnily enough, on [...]

Accidentally becoming a digital nomad in Panama City

When I first came to South America, my level of Spanish pretty much followed this pattern: Me: Donde está el supermercado? Helpful Peruvian/Bolivian/Ecuadorian stranger: Si quiere ir la mejor ruta, necesita tomar la primera izquierda, y caminar dos bloques más hasta el letrero que dice ‘supermercado’. [...]

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