The long-term traveller’s guide to health and fitness

If you're travelling for the long haul, health and fitness might sometimes cross your mind as a mild concern. It's not easy to stay healthy: budget meals usually comprise some form of quick-prepare noodles, and I have been known to consider a packet of biscuits an [...]

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Why I’m Rethinking Budget Backpacking (and Maybe You Should Too)

“So, how much did you pay for this?” drawled my neighbour. Clambering inside the shuttle bus heading over to the Gili Islands from Bali, I smiled and greeted my fellow bus-mates. I had been sitting down for all of four seconds before the forty-something American guy [...]

A guide to haggling like a pro (without being a dick)

Ah, the wonderful world of haggling.  For me, it’s been a while. I’m currently backpacking my way around Indonesia, and as such have been launched back into a world where nothing is fixed price. However, since I first dabbled in the art, back when I was [...]

Going overground: Braving the bus from Indonesia to East Timor

At first I thought the tweeting existed just in my head. A symptom, perhaps, of spending too long on the go: a taxi, a plane ride with a brief stop, a ride from the airport on the back of a motorbike, and now several hours in [...]

One Year On: Lessons Learnt in a Year of Travel

I set off to travel the world exactly one year ago today. (Happy 23rd birthday! Now go take an international flight and sit on an aeroplane forever). Phea and I flew for 19 hours, stopping over in Hong Kong just long enough to screw up our [...]

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Farm work has been one of my best Oz experiences. Here’s why.

In order to get a second year working holiday in Australia, you have to complete 88 days of regional work. This usually means farm work in some capacity: from fruit picking, to vine pruning, to tree planting. There is a clear mentality among backpackers that this [...]

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