The Beauty of Travelling in Winter

Australia is a country that people cannot help but picture in the sun. Beaches, surf, sand, sunbathing. When I first arrived here, straight into the tropical north in springtime, I couldn’t imagine ever being cold again. Actually, on some days, I couldn’t imagine anything better than [...]

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Hiking the Routeburn Track: A Recipe for Complete Idiots

You will need: 3 backpackers, more interested in saving money than being properly equipped for the trip. Must be not very fit and with limited hiking experience 1 tent, from the cheap shop – not particularly waterproof nor very durable 3 sleeping bags, 2 of which [...]

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My 2016 Travel Resolutions

Image credit: Peony Gent It’s nearly the New Year already! How has this happened? Feels like five minutes since I was gallivanting in South Africa. Anyway, I’ll be spending New Year in Edinburgh once more (I just can’t get enough of it), but before I make the interminable [...]

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Gap Year Guides: How Not to Be a Gap Year Bore

  Gap years are great. They can be inspiring, informative, educational, incredibly exciting; they can give you incredible experiences and friends for life. But don’t let your gap year story turn into a ‘gap yah’ lecture; don’t change it from something amazing and interesting into a [...]

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