Why I Will (Probably) Never Be a “Successful” Travel Blogger

I’ve been travelling and writing about it for a pretty long time now. In 2013 I shouldered my backpack for my first solo trip, to South America, and decided to start a blog. Its main purpose was to reassure my mum that I was still alive [...]

Final week farewell

I can’t believe it, but it’s finally over. We spent the last two days pretty much solidly typing to get all of our evaluation reports, project research and updated versions of pretty much every piece of documentation we received before the project finished – but we [...]

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Seventh Week Sadness

Rachel and I are bereft. Our volunteers have buggered off to Joburg (or home, in James’ case) and left us all alone to suffocate amidst a mountain of evaluation meetings, report writing and goodbyes. How are we going to make it through this final week without [...]

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Sixth Week Success!

I don’t know how it’s happened, but we’re already entering the volunteers’ last week on project – soon we’ll be faced with only the prospect of a small mountain of paperwork to write up, and no group trips to look forward to! They’re looking forward to [...]

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Fourth Week Fun

The days are trickling by ever quicker; time here doesn’t possess the same quality it does when you’re at home or plodding away at uni. It skips by in great chunks; you make it to the end of Wednesday and then all of a sudden it’s [...]

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