Why I Will (Probably) Never Be a “Successful” Travel Blogger

I’ve been travelling and writing about it for a pretty long time now. In 2013 I shouldered my backpack for my first solo trip, to South America, and decided to start a blog. Its main purpose was to reassure my mum that I was still alive [...]

Sunny England

Yes, I did make it home alive, and the 36-hour journey went surprisingly smoothly all things considered - "all things" including the fact that I had to cross three different airports in three different countries before reaching Heathrow; the fact that I hadn't come prepared for [...]

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The last day

After my excellent penultimate day I wasn´t really expecting the last day to live up to it, and I suppose in a way it didn´t. However, I definitely had a nice and relatively productive day today; got up at 10 o´clock which was an absolute luxury, [...]

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Not sand, but salt

It was a good decision to come to Uyuni. Thank God that, all those days ago in Quito, Ruth-from-Bradford suggested that the salt flats were the most important thing to see in Bolivia.I arrived from Potosi with Dominic, one of the guys from the mines tour, [...]

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2 Days in Paradise

The next morning I headed out at 8 o´clock, bags in tow, to meet the others and catch the boat (note to self: don´t wear mum´s combats when no hands are free to hoik them up as I go). All went to plan: we made the [...]

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Cusco and copacabana

As a brief explanation for my lack of recent posts, I've been staying on an island for the past two days, unsurprisingly with no Internet connection. So prepare for something of a blogging splurge: I've got access to an actual computer and its raining outside... Despite [...]

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