It’s been a fairly eventful couple of days in Huanchaco but tonight I’m off to Lima on another lovely lovely night bus (this one was 45 soles, it may actually be nice!)

After the slight fiasco of losing my purse somewhere in Huanchaco when I got here, I had the not very pleasant task of having to report it to the police. Thankfully I managed to persuade a guy who worked at the hostel to come with me and narrate the story in Spanish  – though he warned me it wouldn’t be a free service if I wanted a written report (which I did, for the insurance company). Sure enough, the slightly self-important police commissioner fellow hummed and haa-ed before eventually deciding it wouldn’t be too much trouble for him to write it down, though I would have to pay 30 soles for the convenience. (It was all very hilarious and under the table; I only had a 50 so he had to go outside and subtly get change off another police guy to give me). Oh South America.

Anyway I felt much better once that was done – and if I get the money back when I get home then I think the 30 soles was worth it!

With that out the way I could enjoy the rest of my time here; I spent yesterday surfing (in the loosest sense of the word, though I did actually manage to stand up for a couple of 3-second intervals, so I’ll consider it a success) and today I went to Chan Chan, the pre-Inca adobe city near here, with the family who I mentioned that I met in Chachapoyas, who coincidentally wandered into the hostel looking to hire surfboards but were also half-thinking of going to the ruins, which coincided with my plans (I had to do something to while away the time today). It was actually really nice chatting to them a bit more – I still think its incredible that they’re travelling as a whole family around America/South America – besides which it meant we could share the cost of a taxi, PLUS they bought me an ice lolly. It’s nice to have had a day with a surrogate family.

Other than that not much to report: the beach here is not that nice – bit litter-strewn and stony, and the water’a so cold that I may as well be in England. Still, I’ve had a nice time here; I like being able to walk out the door and go for a swim in the sea (even if it does earn me a couple of “you must be crazy, it’s too cold to swim” remarks), and the Canadian girls I mentioned before are actually really nice although by no means your typical backpackers. I also found myself another fruit market (whilst attempting to follow directions to a supermarket, which I never did find) and tried a grenadilla – quite nice but the inside very reminscent of frogspawn. It’s generally just very chilled here and I’m sure I’ll miss it when I get into the crowds and tourists of Lima and Cusco, but I’m ready to move on.

So I’m packed again and off to Lima for 2 nights (paint-covered clothes in tow, maybe it’ll wash out…), acclimatising in Cusco for a further 2, and then I’ll be struggling up the Inca trail by St Patrick’s Day! Oh help.